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Civil Rights Report 2017: Acknowledgements

The primary authors of this report are Corey Saylor and Zainab Arain of the Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia. Many thanks to Maha Sayed, Robert McCaw, and William Burgess for their contributions to the special focus sections of the report. CAIR is also deeply grateful to Dr. John Robbins for his invaluable edits.

CAIR appreciates Maha Elgenaidi and Ameena Jandali at the Islamic Networks Groups for their constructive feedback on the content of the section “The Impact of Islamophobia on Educational Institutions.”

This report would not be possible without the hard work of the following CAIR intake staff: Aida Mackic (Fla.), Albert Cahn (N.Y.), Arsalan Safiullah (Houston, Texas), Edward Mitchell (Ga.), Ellen Longfellow (Minn.), Foadeh Yahya (Mich.), Jasmin Samy (Wa.), James Sues (N.J.), Dr. John Robbins (Mass.), Julia Shearson (Cleveland, Ohio), Khaula Hadeed (Ala.), Liban Yousuf (Ariz.), Maureen Dadabhoy (Los Angeles, Calif.), Miriam Amer (Iowa), Phil Robertson (Ill.), Robert West (Mo.), Romin Iqbal (Columbus, Ohio), Ryan Houldin (Philadelphia, Penn.), Saad Sweilem (Sacramento, Calif.), Saba Maher (San Francisco, Calif.), Salman Zaman (National), Sana Hassan (Cincinnati, Ohio), Susanne Arani (San Diego, Calif.), Veronica Laizure (Okla.), and Zohra Lasania (Pittsburgh, Penn.).

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