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 Joe Kaufman Challenged - Update, still running away...
Joe Kaufman
Joe Kaufman between Peace Loving and Hatred

Joe Kaufman is an extremist Jew whose main life mission is to spread hatred, slander and defamation against Muslims, calling any Muslim whose name he can type, a ‘terrorist’. While pretending to be peace loving, Kaufman, who claims to seek to stop hatred against Americans, non-Muslim Americans that is, has consistently slandered Muslims and spread lies against them. This is part of his ‘peace loving’ mission of seeking to increase the already considerable amount of hatred and suspicion felt by many Americans against Muslims and Islam. Kaufman also hopes to have innocent Muslims sent to jail, just because they disagree with him; he accuses them of being terrorists hoping that the government will pick up on the false accusation.

Evidence of Kaufman’s peace loving is duly found on his website and in the type of articles he writes, collects and posts. Here is indisputable proof.

1. Until recently, and before CAIR-FL exposed his support for terrorist organizations (Link), Kaufman was among the ‘peace loving’ extremists who publicly promoted infamous terrorist Jewish groups, such as Kach and Kahane Chai. Kaufman only changed his strategy, though, because he never publicly recanted his earlier positions.

2. Kaufman did not only promote these terrorist groups on his website, by listing as a recommended link, he also wrote in support of their ideology of hatred and violence against Arabs, especially Palestinians (Palestine, with its Muslim majority, also has a sizable minority of Arab Christians).

3. For instance, Kaufman wrote these words in praise of Meir Kahane, founder of the Kach terrorist movement, “I never did get that chance to see him…I couldn’t believe that a person that I knew so little about…could elicit such feelings in someone…I remember…the words he spoke: ‘I do not hate Arabs, but I love Jews.’…After all, it was perfectly understandable, if he were to have hated Arabs. Just like, during the Holocaust, it was perfectly understandable for a Jew to hate Germans…The controversy surrounding Kahane…revolved around his strong advocacy for removing (forcibly, if necessary) all Arabs from the Jewish state (Jalal wrote: I am deeply touched by the ‘love’ that Kahane had for Arabs)…To this day, one still can read posters tacked and glued around the Holy Land proclaiming, ‘Kahane was right!’…we have to ask ourselves if it is even possible to achieve peace with these people…Israeli officials continue to forge ahead with their “peace” deal. They call it “land for security.”…While Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak are trying desperately to deal away the Temple Mount and half of Jerusalem, you can hear Kahane screaming down from the Heavens (Jalal wrote: Kaufman has officially decided that Kahane is in heaves), ‘Don’t do it!’…When Meir Kahane was assassinated, a huge void was left…If the Kahanes’ memory serves us any purpose, it’s to show that trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves’”; (Link).

4. On its website, the US Department of State posted this, “Kach and Kahane Chai…Stated goal is to restore the biblical state of Israel. Kach (founded by radical Israeli-American rabbi Meir Kahane) and its offshoot Kahane Chai, which means "Kahane Lives" (founded by Meir Kahane’s son Binyamin following his father’s assassination in the United States), were declared to be terrorist organizations in March 1994 by the Israeli Cabinet under the 1948 Terrorism Law. This followed the groups’ statements in support of Dr. Baruch Goldstein’s attack in February 1994 on the al-Ibrahimi Mosque–Goldstein was affiliated with Kach–and their verbal attacks on the Israeli Government. Palestinian gunmen killed Binyamin Kahane and his wife in a drive-by shooting on 31 December in the West Bank. Activities…Harass and threaten Palestinians in Hebron and the West Bank. Have threatened to attack Arabs, Palestinians, and Israeli Government officials…Receives support from sympathizers in the United States and Europe”; (Link).

5. The Kahane group resurfaced under various names, such as, ‘,,,’, but they were also added to the US list of foreign terrorist organizations suspected of organizing attacks on Palestinians. The Washington Time gave this assessment of Kahane and his group, “Four Internet Web sites operated by two extremist Jewish groups have been included by the State Department on its list of "foreign terrorist organizations"…the listing…includes the four sites operated by the Kach and its offshoot, the Kahane Chai, both of which have been designated by the department as terrorist organizations. The Kach, founded by…Meir Kahane, and the Kahane Chai…founded by Kahane’s son, Binyamin…were first declared terrorist organizations by the Israeli Cabinet in 1994, a month after a Kach supporter killed 29 Muslim worshippers at a West Bank mosque…The designation makes it illegal for persons in the United States to donate money or other material support to the Web sites…Members of the groups…are suspected in a number of low-level attacks against Israeli targets. Meir Kahane…[who] founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in 1968…proposed the forcible deportation of Palestinians from Israel — which he called the only acceptable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also believed Israel should become a theocratic Jewish state, calling on the government to pass laws…including a ban on marriages between Jews and non-Jews (Jalal wrote: yet, Kaufman wrote this to the Jewish Defense League Of Florida, “I mean, can you ever truly make peace with a people whose holy book (god) states that you can never befriend a Jew?”). Born in New York City in 1932, [Kahane] emigrated to Israel in 1969…[and] was sentenced to six months in prison for plotting to attack Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount”; (Link).

6. Here is a link to an astonishing article that Kaufman, the peace lover whose heart is full of compassion for Muslims, wrote where he fantasizes about striking Muslims with nuclear weapons. (Link)

Jalal’s Challenge to Kaufman: If, as you claim, you are a peace loving person who seeks to promote peace, then you will not object to issuing a clear statement wherein you condemn Kahane and the Kach movement, its ideology and its violent methods.

Kaufman Promotes Peace, but not for Arabs and Muslims

Nowhere does one read on Kaufman’s website any sympathetic statements regarding, for instance, the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, victims of a vicious war that was started on lies (Read this amazing admission that around 30,000 Iraqis died in a war that, according to some, God, i.e., the Christian ‘Prince of Peace’, said to wage, i.e. against a Muslim people who, before the war started, never attacked America, never had the ability to attack America and never caused America any harm; [(Link), and, (Link)]). Kaufman does not express any sympathy for the tens of thousands of innocent Muslims who were killed in Bosnia, Chechnya or Kashmir. He cares less about the plight of thousands of American Muslims who were abused and discriminated against in the aftermath of the 911 attacks, or about the hundreds of Muslims who were murdered in these attacks. And most certainly, Kaufman does not show any sympathy for the thousands of non-combatant Muslim and Christian Palestinians who were killed and the millions who were expelled by an army of occupation that stole their land led by such war criminals as Begin (remember those British ‘wanted’ posters?; [“In 1946, under his (Begin’s) leadership, the Irgun blew up a wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, where the British were headquartered. Some 90 people- Jews and Arabs, as well as British- were killed, despite warnings that there would be a bombing. Begin’s picture, that of a wanted terrorist, was posted in all British prisons and offices in Palestine; Link]), and Sharon (remember his indirect indictment by his own government for war crimes?; [Link]).

This shameless man only sheds fake tears when the victim is a non-Muslim, especially if the culprit is either a Muslim or is falsely claimed to be a Muslim (remember those Oklahoma attacks by Christian terrorists?; [Link]).

In this article, I will first mention parts of a ‘piece’ that Kaufman wrote against me, Jalal Abualrub, on his website of hatred, slander, lies and defamation (Link). After each part, I will make a comment on that part followed by a question or a challenge.

But first, here is my challenge to Kaufman which I hope he accepts and does not cower away from as his beloved, peace loving extremist Evangelicals did before him:

Jalal Abualrub Hereby Challenges Joe Kaufman to a Debate, one issue at a time, on:

Roots of Terrorism: The Old Testament vs. the Quran

[Color Code: Kaufman’s words (in red); Jalal’s comments (in black); Jalal’s Questions & challenges (dark brown)]

Joe Kaufman wrote:

For Immediate Release…Joe Kaufman is available for interview

Read Joe Kaufman’s website and try and find any ‘immediate release’ concerning any type of suffering that Muslims went through or are now going through. Read Joe Kaufman’s website and search for any ‘immediate release’ wherein he denounces Robert Goldstein, a Jewish terrorist who plotted to bomb Florida Masjids (Link). A statement like this will be sufficient, and Kaufman knows very well why I chose these words in specific, “When you serve your time, Rob, I do not hope that you serve me. There will be no ‘together’, and thus, ‘we’ cannot make things happen.” (Link)


Ramatni bi-da-iha wansallati (she accused me of having the disease that she suffers from while purifying herself from having that disease). Kaufman’s website is full of articles that accuse Muslims of all sects, affiliations and groups of being terrorists. He does not profess love for Muslims in any way or form. He does not profess freedom of speech for Muslims, because every type of speech Muslims engage in is, to Kaufman, a call to Jihad. He propagates pure hatred against Islam and Muslims, yet, dares call others ‘hatemonger’. Just read his website and discover how much of a peace lover he is.

Q1: Why does not Kaufman issue a statement of love, compassion and support for Muslims, where he asserts his belief that Muslims, in general, are peace loving who deserve compassion and love and that Islam is not a terrorist religion?


Kaufman does not know Jalal Abualrub well. So he hesitates to call him a terrorist, at least not yet. Thus, Kaufman describes Jalal Abualrub as providing justification for Jihad, i.e. for defending Islam against vicious attack and slander. This is because to Kaufman, any Muslim, male or female, who seeks what is rightfully his, which was stolen from him, he is a terrorist. To Kaufman, any Muslim, who dares defend his religion or tries to preach it, is a terrorist who needs to be put in jail or deported. There is no end to this man’s pure hatred against Muslims and his tolerating Islam being cursed day and night, without objection from him. This is because in Kaufman’s America, cursing Jews and Christians is prohibited, but not cursing Muslims. To Kaufman, if any Muslim tries to explain his religion against relentless defamation, or points out the tremendous contradictions and errors in the Two Testaments or tries to criticize the creed contained in them, that person becomes one who curses Jews and Christians. This man professes free speech, but tries to deprive Muslims of it as proof to his ‘peace loving’ nature.

Q2: As proof to his peace loving nature and his desire not to curse Muslims, why does not Kaufman issue a statement wherein he invokes God (or, G-d) to bless Muslims?
(Coral Springs, FL) Starting today, controversial author and lecturer, Jalal Abualrub, will begin a three day speaking tour throughout South Florida. The events will take place in three mosques, representing each of the three counties, the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, the Miami Garden Masjid, and Masjid Al-Mumineen in Margate. The judgment of the organizers behind this must be questioned, given the massive amount of statements he has made against Jews and Christians.

Muslims now need Kaufman’s permission whenever they intend to invite a lecturer on Islam. Even better: since Kaufman views Muslims as either terrorists or potential terrorists, Muslims can only invite non-Muslims to lecture them on Islam, preferably Kaufman or Winn. Kaufman is being hypocritical here. First, he does not seek permission from Muslims to post articles written by haters of Islam, including himself, who curse Islam and curse its followers. Second, Kaufman did not and does not demand that churches, synagogues, talk shows, newspapers, Media outlets and publishers stop inviting or publishing for those who spread misinformation and defamation against Islam and Muslims. This is because to him, Muslims are a legitimate target for slander and hatred. For instance, nowhere does one read in Kaufman’s article any rebuke of Mike Gallagher for repeatedly inviting people who slander Islam and call not only Muslims, but also their Prophet ‘terrorists’. At least, Gallagher was fair, because after he repeatedly invited Craig Winn to his show, the Muslims in the Dallas area asked him for fairness. He agreed and invited me to debate Winn. Gallagher should be commended for his courage.

Kaufman does not show any remorse or sorrow for the massive amounts of statements Winn made against Allah, the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, Islam and Muslims. Here is proof why Kaufman is a hypocrite, followed by a question that we ask of Kaufman to answer.

In his despicable book entitled, The Prophet of Doom, Winn says this about Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and about Islam, “Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist.Kaufman should offer his audience his deep thoughts about this type of peace loving demonstrated by Craig Winn and how it resonates with his rejection of cursing of Christianity.

Q3: Why does Kaufman not denounce all those who, just like Winn, spread massive amounts of slanderous, lying statements against Islam?

In a letter sent to Christian Evangelist E.D. Rosario, Abualrub wrote, ‘…regarding your religion and us…well, I am enjoying my time here in the company of so many of my dear brothers and sisters…who abandoned your false, hateful religion and accepted Islam as the only true religion.’
According to Kaufman, Muslims should weep of sadness whenever they succeed in converting a non-Muslim to Islam, the Religion of Truth. Even better: Kaufman should seek a law prohibiting Muslims from calling others to Islam just as Israel has a law prohibiting Christians from preaching Christianity to Jews or else they are sent to jail and then deported (“In Israel, it is illegal to preach the Gospel and anyone found guilty of trying to minister Christianity to a Jew is subject to imprisonment”; Link). Meanwhile, Evangelicals may rejoice and enjoy converting Muslims to Christianity, especially under cover of ‘secular’ Western armies (Read: Link ; also read: “The Stealth Crusade”; Mother Jones, May/June 2002 issue).

Hypocrisy Incorporated
Kaufman is just being Kaufman. It does not bother him that Rosario abused Islam, Allah, the Quran, Prophet Muhammad and Muslims by using hateful remarks and explicit slander. It does not bother Kaufman that I never heard of Rosario until he started spreading hate remarks against Islam and Muslims, and thus, what I wrote to him was justifiable by Rosario’s blatant aggression, which he initiated before I ever responded to him. Never mind that the Rosario wrote this, a collection of hate, unholy words and utter slander, “$5000.00 Reward: To any Muslim who can disprove in a public debate that Islam does not advocate violence against Jews and Christians. This debate would give Muslims an opportunity to prove once and for all Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are terrorists of their own making and that their evil deeds are not inspired by the Quran. I, however, will prove otherwise…and Muhammad be proven a false prophet, and the Quran a book of lies! God bless Christian America!!…this debate will prove who the false prophet was, -Jesus or Muhammad (Jalal wrote: Muslims do believe that Jesus was a Prophet from God, Jews and Christian do not!)…this debate will spotlight the true word of God - the Bible or the Quran (Jalal wrote: Muslims believe in the original copies of the Torah and the Gospel, which no longer exist in their original form)…Because of your incoherence, immaturity (cry baby), and ignorance, I am,…calling off our planned debate…Regarding your claim that I was insulting your religion Islam and Muhammad, you are incorrect again…There will be no questions about the legitimacy of Christianity…Muhammad was a false prophet and, therefore, the Quran is a book of lies…You must be very grateful that you are living in America…in spite of what your Muslim brothers did in the 9-11 murders of the innocent, true Christians did not retaliate and kill in the name of Jesus (Jalal wrote: Thus, to Rosario, the coalition forces in Iraq are not ‘true Christians’)…”, etc. All this did not bother Kaufman, the peace loving Jew. Only what Jalal wrote in defense of his religion bothered him.

In truth, what causes outrage to Winn, Kaufman, Rosario, Katz and all other haters of Islam, who slander everything sacred and dear to Muslims, is that this Muslim, Jalal Abualrub, is not one weak Muslim: he does not lower his head except to his Creator. He is one Muslim who defends Islam with passion and deep conviction and upholds every part of the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah, as properly understood and practiced by the Prophet’s companions.

All this exposes Kaufman’s hypocrisy and that he well deserves the description he gave me ‘hatemonger’. Cursing Islam and Muslims is normal behavior to Kaufman. But, no Muslim should dare respond by defending his religion or criticizing Christianity or Judaism, otherwise, Kaufman will label him a caller to Jihad and may even elevate his status to being a full-fledged terrorist.

Jalal challenges Kaufman to clearly state, with valid references, that according to Jews and Jewish scriptures, Christianity is not a false religion, but rather, a valid religion.

In a debate against author Craig Winn on the Mike Gallagher show, Abualrub had much to say about Jews and Christians.
Meanwhile, Winn professed his love and admiration for Allah, the Creator, Muhammad, Islam’s Prophet, the Quran, Islam’s Holy Book, and for Muslims. Since Winn is such a peace loving worshipper of the ‘Prince of Peace’, here we mention some of his infamous statements about Allah, Prophet Muhammad and the Quran, “According to the Hadith and the Qur’an, Muhammad and his henchmen plundered their way to power and prosperity. And by putting the Qur’an in chronological order and correlating it with the context of Muhammad’s life as it was reported in the Sira, Sunnah and Hadith, we also find that Allah mirrored his prophet’s character.” Winn does not only call Prophet Muhammad a terrorist, but also calls Allah, the Creator of all things, a terrorist. ‘Peace loving’ has never been this pure and honorable, until Winn and Kaufman came that is.

Q4: Why does not Kaufman criticize the deeply hateful and utterly slanderous statements about Islam and Muslims that Winn keeps spreading on his website, in his interviews on radio and TV shows and throughout his books?

When he referred to a future expulsion of Jews from the West Bank as the ‘final solution,’ Winn said the statement was ‘reminiscent of Nevil Chamberlain’s acquiescence, where he gave the high ground of Chekoslovakia to the Nazis.’ Abualrub corrected him and said, ‘No, Hitler, Hitler.’
Jalal Abualrub was criticizing Winn for his fanatical remarks with regards to the final settlement of the West Bank and his ridiculous prediction about WWIII. But, it seems that Kaufman thinks that Jalal meant to assert Winn’s remark by reminding him that he meant to mention Hitler’s ‘final solution’ rather than the appeaser of Hitler. How can one listen to something and understand the exact opposite of it?

The ‘Final Solution’, or, ‘Final Status’, is a figure of speech often used in the media (Link) with regards to Palestine to refer to the ‘Final Settlement’ which is professed not only by many Muslims, but also by the Bush administration, Shimon Perez and Ariel Sharon. And it was Sharon who expelled the Jews from Gaza, and thus, Sharon must represent ‘the appeaser’ who will lead to the start of Winn’s WWIII. And it was Perez who repeatedly stated that, unless Israel separates itself from the Palestinians, i.e. by ending its occupation of the territories, Israel will soon loose its Jewish identity. He must be appeaser number two.

What should be noted, though, is that Kaufman failed to mention why Winn and the rest of the fanatical wing of Evangelism strive hard to hoard the Jews into Palestine, a land they never owned. Is it because these wonderful Evangelicals so love the Jews and care for their well-being? Or, is it because Jesus will not come back, unless and until the Jews are all gathered in Palestine, as they believe? What do Christian scriptures, which Kaufman does not believe in to begin with, say Jesus will do to Jews upon his second coming to earth?

Q5: How can fanatical Jews, who describe Jesus, peace be upon him, as being a bastard and a false prophet who blasphemed against God and practiced magic (Link), be allies to fanatical Evangelicals who yearn for the second coming of Jesus so the real ‘final solution’ of the Jewish problem can begin?

And when asked if Christians are infidels, he stated, ‘You to us are the same as we are to you… Christians do not consider us believers in G-d. Why do you require us to believe in you that you are believers in G-d, if you have a different creed?’
Kaufman wants Muslims to consider Christians as true believers in God while Christians do not believe Muslims to be believers in God. Jews do not consider Christians or Muslims to be true believers in God. Christians do not believe that Jews are true believers in God; they accuse the Jews of being responsible for the claimed crucifixion of their lord and savior and wish for his second coming so that he conducts his final solution against the Jews. It is only Muslims who are required to consider Jews and Christians as true believers in God. What kind of hypocrisy is this!

Comment: Providing exact quotes and numerical reference from Jewish scriptures to support his claim, Kaufman is hereby challenged to issue a declaration wherein is clearly stated that, according to Jewish scriptures, Muslims and Christians are true believers in God.

On the show, Abualrub also discussed the times when holy war is permissible in Islam. After being asked if the Quran says, ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last,’ he exclaimed, ‘No it doesn’t… It talks about war! Do you need people in war to give them pizza?! You kill them!’
Meanwhile, in Kaufman’s world, people go to war to blow kisses at each other and exchange their respective recipes of pizza. Winn used Quranic rulings about what do in war, i.e. where people meet to fight and kill each other, to claim that Islam calls for terrorism, i.e. suicide missions and targeting civilians in war. This is why I made that statement to expose Winn’s deliberate misinterpretation of the Quran. Apparently, Kaufman is also among those who advocate depriving Muslims of their right to defend themselves, since every aspect of war that Islam legislates is terrorism and meant to wipe out Christians (Winn did not even mention the Jews, indicating how much he cares for them). According to Winn, and now Kaufman, when the Quran instructs Muslims to, when they meet a non-Muslim aggressor in war, seek to kill their enemy, then, this is terrorism. If this is true, and of course it is not true, then it also applies to every violent act conducted in war by any human being, including Christians and Jews.

The truth is that these two hypocrites, Winn and Kaufman, do not believe that Muslims are even allowed to defend themselves in any way or form, since if the Quran tells Muslims to kill the enemy in war, it is terrorism to them. Muslims are supposed to surrender and let their enemy kill them and steal their property. Even if Muslims do this, the hypocrites will still call them terrorists. I challenge Kaufman to prove otherwise by stating that he believes that Muslims have the right to defend their properties, lives, honor, land and religion. If he does, he will be calling to Jihad, since the Quranic Verses that Winn used are meant to deal with aggression and war and will be applied in this instance. Otherwise, if he does not make such a statement, he will be exposing his hypocrisy and pure hatred for Muslims.

Q6: Why does Kaufman not condemn this ‘holy war’ commandment in his ‘holy book’; I Samuel 15:2-3: “Thus saith the LORD of hosts…Now go and smite…and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass?

Abualrub also equated America’s ‘aid and comfort to Israel’ with a foreign nation invading Muslims’ land and a justification for jihad.
Since America, the United Nations, Europe, Russia, China and the rest of the world, including in Israel, call Gaza and the West Bank ‘occupied territory’, they must be providing justification for Jihad too. Further, the entities mentioned here do not only agree to, but also advocate a ‘road map’ that calls on Israel to relinquish control of the ‘occupied territories’ and calls for establishing a viable Palestinian state on that very land; i.e. the Jews will be expelled from land they stole (occupied) in the West Bank just as they were expelled from land they stole (occupied) in Gaza. Further, until this morning, I was under the impression that Palestinians are mostly Muslims.

Conclusion: Since America and the rest of the world agree to calling the West Bank and Gaza ‘occupied territory’, and since Palestinians are mostly Muslims, then they all admit that ‘occupied territories’ belong to Muslims, i.e., Muslim land that was stolen by invaders. Another conclusion: Muslims in America must work hard to change the American practice of providing ‘aid and comfort’ to Israel, which Israel uses to maintain its illegal occupation of the Palestinian ‘occupied territories’, which is Muslim land.

Q7: Why does not Kaufman condemn the United Nations, United States, European Union, Russia, China, Sharon and Perez as providing justification for Jihad since they call upon Israel to withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank, advocate the road map, applaud the Israeli evacuation of Gaza, seek a ‘final solution’ for the West Bank and call upon Israel to dismantle at least most of its settlements in the West Bank?

He also referred to Israelis as ‘invaders who stole [Palestinian’s] land’
Q8: Does Kaufman know that, by calling the West Bank ‘Occupied Territory’ and practically applauding the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, the United States stands side by side with Jalal Abualrub on this?

…and further, laughed when Winn brought up the subject of Saudis raising money, through a telethon, for Palestinian terrorists.
There was no telethon to support Palestinian terrorists in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else. This is a lie invented by Winn and now propagated by Kaufman. There were telethons to donate money for poor and destitute Palestinians, children, old people, widows and orphans who lost their caretakers because the Israelis killed them. I stated before that Kaufman does not show any sympathy to poor Palestinians and innocent victims of the conflict. As far as he is concerned, they all are terrorists and they can simply die of hunger. Thus, if there is a telethon to provide food, clothes, medicine, education and other services for Palestinians, it is a telethon for support to terrorists, according to Winn and Kaufman. I challenge both of them to provide specific evidence that the money collected during the telethon was collected for terrorists.

Further, during my debate with Winn, I laughed at Winn’s ridiculous notion describing Barrak as a senior scholar, as well as, that telethon lie which he invented.

Q9: Why does not Kaufman issue a statement that says, “Muslims have the right to collect and send charity to Palestinian women, children and helpless refugees”?

In an e-mail to Winn, Abualrub put down Presbyterians and ranted about a ‘current world-wide Christian crusade against Islam using Western military forces (because they just can’t make anyone believe in their trinity stuff without using force)…’
In a book entitled, The Prophet of Doom, Winn put down Islam and Muslims and effectively called for a world war against Muslims since, according to him, if Muslims return to Palestine, WWIII will inevitably start. As for missionary work in Muslim lands under protection of Western ‘secular’ armies, just read this article (Link).

Q10: Does Kaufman advocate allowing Christian missionaries to freely try and convert Jews to Christianity, including in Israel?

On Abualrub’s personal website, he states that a Muslim that follows a Jew or a Christian is someone that ‘relies on the statement’ of one ‘who calculates,’ who is ‘ignorant,’ and who is a ‘liar.’
First, nowhere in my article did I write what Kaufman claims I wrote. I was quoting the great Imam of Sunnah, Imam Ibn Taimiyyah, about the error of using astronomical calculations, rather than sighting the moon with the eye, to decide the beginning of lunar months. I quoted Ibn Taimiyyah and made a comment in blue on what he said, “…some judges (or leaders) will reject the testimony of a number of trustworthy witnesses [who sighted the moon] relying on the statement of the Hasib (who calculates), Jahil (ignorant) Kadhib (liar) who claims that it (the moon) can or cannot be seen. Thus, they (the judges described here) become among those who reject the truth after it has been made clear to them..[and] may even accept testimony from those who are not trustworthy (i.e., such as the Kuffar, who may soon replace Muhammad’s Sunnah as the ultimate authority on when Muslims can start their Ramadhan and when they can have their `Eed).” Second, those who follow Christians and Jews are committing a far worse error than being ignorant and liars; it is called ‘Bid`ah’. In my article, I quoted this from Ibn Taimiyyah, “People of Bid`ah are similar to the People of the Scripture in some ways. The Two Sahihs stated that the Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, said, ‘You will follow the wrong ways, of your predecessors so completely and literally, just as the two feathers of an arrow are perfectly aligned, that if they should go into the hole of a mastigure, you too will go there.’ They said, ‘O, Allah’s Prophet! Do you mean the Jews and the Christians?’ He replied, ‘Whom else?Thus, Muslims are not allowed to imitate the religious practices and other traditions of non-Muslims. This is their religion and this is what it calls for.

Kaufman is a strange man. He now wants to challenge Imam Ibn Taimiyyah on a Fiqh issue. He does not advocate for Jews to imitate the traditions and religious practices of the Christians and Muslims. He does not call upon Christians to imitate the religious practices of Muslims. He only wants Muslims to adopt the religious practices of Jews and Christians. Now he wants to legislate for Muslims what they should practice and what they should believe in. Well, I challenge Kaufman to a debate on if deciding when lunar months start is a matter of Sharee`ah or a matter of astronomical calculations. Unbelievable!

Q11: Why does Kaufman not issue a statement that, according to Jewish scriptures, Jews are allowed and encouraged to adopt the religious practices of Christians, Muslims and other ‘gentiles’, and then provide the texts that support his view?

He reaffirms this with a quote from Islamic Scripture: ‘You will follow the wrong ways of your predecessors so completely and literally…’ They said, ‘O, Allah’s Prophet! Do you mean the Jews and the Christians?’ He replied, ‘Whom else?’
Kaufman wants to prohibit Muslims from having their own religious practices that differ from the religious practices and traditions of the Christians and Jews. According to Kaufman, Muslims are only allowed to imitate Christians and Jews. According to Jalal Abualrub, Kaufman is deranged and shall not be obeyed. Muslims are indeed required to refrain from imitating the religious practices and all other traditions of the Christians and Jews.

Q12: Does Kaufman agree with this ‘tradition’ from the Old Testament; Numbers 31:17-18: “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him (i.e., all the virgins), keep alive for yourselves”, and should Muslims adopt this practice, since Kaufman wants Muslims to adopt the traditions of the Jews and Christians?

(Joe Kaufman, Chairman of Americans Against Hate stated), ‘Mosques that profess ‘peace’ should not have individuals like Jalal Abualrub at their houses of worship. They should condemn them!

Kaufman should be ashamed of himself. He propagates hatred against Muslims, praises those who slander Islam on a regular basis on a massive scale by calling Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Islam, the Quran and Muslims horrible names and describing them with the most evil descriptions they can invent, and effectively advocates depriving Muslims of the right to defend their lives, lands, properties, families and religion. Otherwise, if any Muslim attempts to defend himself, then fanatics like Winn and Kaufman call them terrorists. Kaufman’s hypocrisy should be clear even to those who do not like Islam.

Q13: Is there an end to the hypocrisy, slander, defamation and hatred that people like Kaufman and Winn spread against Islam? Only Allah knows.

All thanks and praises are due to Allah, Creator of all that exists; may Allah’s peace and blessings be on all of His Prophets and Messengers, starting with Adam and including Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus and ending with Muhammad, the Last and Final Prophet and Messenger.

Jalal Abualrub (WWW.IslamLife.Com)

  Posted by Ihsan on January 18, 2006
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Humza on January 18, 2006
I would love for to see this debate with Jalal and the Muslim Hater (Kaufman). I am convinced Joe Kaufman will not step up to the challenge, as the only thing he can do is bring up lies and allegations and keep repeating it as if he's quoting his precursor, Joseph Goebbels, "Repeat a lie often enough and the people will believe it!"

Joe Kaufman, step up to the challenge and stop hiding behind "fear" and "terror". Bring your evidence and debate Jalal, one on one! Either bring your truth out to the open public, which is as American as apple pie, or you'll be documented as a liar and outright Islamophobe!
sam on January 18, 2006
jews have only capacity to hate. Check their talmud and see.

here are very few things you can find in the talmud. I have no idea why christians are attached to this cult of hate and blood. But most preachers are paid by zionists.

Penalty for Disobeying Rabbis
Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.
Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God
Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.
O.K. to Cheat Non-Jews
Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile ( "Cuthean" ) the wages owed him for work.
Jews Have Superior Legal Status
Baba Kamma 37b. "If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full."
Jews May Steal from Non-Jews
Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ( "heathen" ) it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."
Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews
Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."
Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ( "subterfuges" ) to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human

Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.
Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.
Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Against Jesus Christ:
1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship ( Sanhedrin 43a ).
2) He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).
Samir on January 18, 2006
I don't think we should put all Jews in the same category as Joe Kaufman, as they are good Jews. Thank God they are not all like Joe Kaufman, who is obviously a zionist zealot, condemning all Muslims for the actions of a few misguided people who called themselves "Muslims"...

What I don't understand is, how the media plays the tune of Kaufman, who literally seems to be consumed with hatred and animosity towards Islam and Muslims, especially organizations representing Muslims, such as CAIR.

I would suggest that Muslims put their resources together in confronting this unstable individual before he causes more harm to the Muslim community. He obviously doesn't care for the welfare of any Muslim, look what he did in Tampa, causing the Muslims to receive death threats!

This boy is going out of control...
Abdullah on January 19, 2006
Joe Kaufman himself is a terrorist supporter, he supported terrorist organizations, that are ON the US Dept of State's site:

Joe Kaufman supported and even venerates such terrorists as Kach and Kahane Chai.

So, why is he now going on a rampage about another person, who supposedly does what Joe Kaufman does? hmmm....
Sam on January 20, 2006
Please lets not talk about good jews. I was once one of them and all of them "good Jews" are taught to hate Muslims and Christians. I know what they think about anyone who's not member of the tribe.
Humza on January 20, 2006
Shaukat on January 21, 2006
Sam on January 21, 2006
Of course I know that. When i was groing up, our most religious duty is to hate christians and Muslims. We even have prayers ( curse prayers ) agaisnt people of different religions and races on special occasion.
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