Islamophobia Monitor

Inner Core


Concerned American Citizens is a California-based group whose stated purpose is to “promote the separation of Islamic Law ‘Shariah’ from spiritual Islam.” Concerned American Citizens is part of the inner core of the U.S. Islamophobia network.

On its website, the group asserts, “The real source of the devastating 9/11 attack is the Islamic Ideology as prescribed in Quran. We kill Osama Bin Laden who deserved to be killed and praise the Barbaric ideology who Made Bin Laden, Bin Laden and Major Nidal Hassan, Nidal Hassan!!”

The group organized efforts to oppose the establishment of the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley, California.

Key Individuals

Mano Bakh

On November 15, 2010, the Press-Enterprise published a portrait of Bakh noting that he was forced to flee Iran shortly after that country’s 1979 revolution. Bakh asserts he was subject to human rights abuses prior to his flight. According to the article’s author, Bakh believes “an expansionist Islamic ideology supports terrorism and seeks to repress liberty through religious-based Shariah law.”