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Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) is a non-profit educational and advocacy organization based in Boston. Former U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz calls APT Founder Charles Jacob’s claims about Boston Muslims “incredibly racist.” APT Founder Charles Jacobs has praised anti-Islam ads that were called “hate speech” by a Federal judge. Jacobs’ campaign against Boston’s Muslim community is “based on innuendo, half-truths and unproven conspiracy theories” according to seventy Rabbinical community leaders. APT Director Dennis Hale believes Muslims “feign indignation” to “induce, in infidels, a habit of deference to Islam.” Hale also believes Palestinians “only pretend” that they want a nation. Similarly, APT Director Ahmed Subhy Mansour praised an Islamophobe who says Islam “has nothing functional to offer” and criticized the “different standards of hygiene” of “brown-skinned” immigrants. Mansour supported a Congressman’s suggestion that America bomb Mecca.

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Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) is a non-profit educational and advocacy organization based in Boston. In 2015, then U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz denounced APT’s claims about Boston Muslims as “incredibly racist and unfair.”

Founder Charles Jacobs Praised Anti-Islam Ads Called “Hate Speech” by a Federal Judge

Jacob’s praised Islamophobe Pamela Geller’s hateful ads which said, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Fight Jihad” as “simple, brilliant.” Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer called the same advertisement "hate speech."

In 2011, the organization attempted to smear individuals who encouraged interfaith dialogue with Muslims, including respected Jewish community leader Rabbi Eric Gurvis of Temple Shalom in Newton, Mass. In response, a group of seventy Rabbinical community leaders published a letter in defense of the Rabbi. The letter further called on Jacobs, “to discontinue his destructive campaign against Boston’s Muslim community, which is based on innuendo, half-truths and unproven conspiracy theories.” It also encouraged “members of our community to reject the dangerous politics of division that Mr. Jacobs fosters.”

According to APT founder Charles Jacobs, American universities “have become the hotbeds of Islamic extremism.”

In 2013, APT waged a harassment campaign against the Newton, Mass. school district, alleging that it was using materials that “demonize Israel” and glorify Islam.  In an effort to alter the schools’ curricula and remove texts about Islam, APT took out incendiary and factually misleading ads in major Boston-area newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Newton Tab, Jewish Advocate, and Boston Metro. “There is not a single accusation that has merit,” said Newton School Committee Vice Chairman, Matt Hills. “This is about pure distortion of the facts,” he said.

On its website, APT falsely claims that “America’s K-12 education system, both public and private, has long been targeted by Islamist activists as an access point into the broader American culture.”  It maligns schools attempting to educate their students about Islam by alleging that the schools “directly expose their students to Islamic extremists, either through field trips to area mosques or through guest lectures presented by Islamist activists.”

Jacobs claims in newspaper ads and web postings that Boston’s Muslim institutions are led by extremists and terrorist sympathizers.” A statement on APT’s website falsely asserted that "the Muslim American leadership is mostly radical and has been spreading Islamic extremist ideology within the community for several decades." It also stated that in allowing Islamic institutions into a community “American civic leaders have enabled the very same radicals who incite American Muslims against our society.” Both posts have since been removed.

Director Dennis Hale believes Muslims “Feign Indignation” to “Induce, in Infidels, a Habit of Deference to Islam”

According to his profile on the APT website, Dennis Hale is a professor of political science at Boston College and a lay Eucharistic minister in the Episcopalian Church. He created the Episcopal Jewish Alliance for Israel in 2002, an ecumenical group dedicated to the defense of Israel and to clarity on the conflict in the Middle East. In 2010, Hale opposed the construction of the Park 51 mosque.  Hale once stated that Muslims only feign indignation to insults against the Prophet Muhammed and their religion in order “to induce, in infidels, a habit of deference to Islam, the more public the deference the better.” He also believes that “Palestinian Arabs only pretend that they want to be a people with their own nation.  What Palestinian Arabs really want is depressingly clear: they want to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.”

Director Ahmed Subhy Mansour Praised an Islamophobe Who Says Islam “Has Nothing Functional to Offer” and Supported a Congressman’s Suggestion that America Bomb Mecca

Mansour believes “We Muslims need a thinker like Dr. [Daniel] Pipes.” Pipes believes Islam “has nothing functional to offer” and has lamented “Western European societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene.”

Mansour justified former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s (R-Colo.) suggestion of bombing Mecca, saying, “an objective assessment of Tancredo's statement must claim that any US official, concerned with the lives of his civilian countrymen, is likely to make such a remark as a way of deterring terrorists.” He added, “extremists want the US congressman to sanctify Mecca the same way Muslims do.” The Bush Administration condemned Tancredo’s statement as dangerous and likely to alienate moderate Muslims.

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