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Recent Updates

Phyllis Schlafly (The Eagle Forum,…

Oct 30, 2014 Phyllis Schlafly 34
Schlafly has a history of making bigoted comments. On Schlafly’s October 15th, 2014 Eagle Forum Live radio program, Islamophobe David Horowitz said of Ferguson, Mo. protesters that “if you’re white, you’re guilty; that’s the attitude”. Horowitz and…

The Eagle Forum

Oct 30, 2014 The Eagle Forum 18
The Eagle Forum is a conservative political advocacy group. The group’s website says it “supports American identity”, but many of their positions insinuate that Muslims are not a part of that identity. The Eagle Forum is part of the outer core of…

American Public Policy Alliance

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The American Public Policy Alliance is responsible for David Yerushalmi’s “American Laws for American Courts,” template of anti-Islam legislation that has been considered by lawmakers across the nation. While the organization has a…

Tom Trento (The United West,…

Oct 21, 2014 Tom Trento 207
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Trento’s biography on the United West website identifies him as “one of the leading academic activists in the United States.” Trento is also listed as one of the “associates” on the Center for Security Policy’s “Sharia: the Threat to America,”…

The United West

Oct 21, 2014 The United West 232
United West leader Tom Trento says the Florida-based group works, “to unite western countries, western civilizations, about 23, 24, 25 western countries, against the Ummah. Who knows what the Umaah is? The Ummah is the term for the family, the…

Bill Maher

Oct 21, 2014 Bill Maher 747
Bill Maher wikicommons copyrightDayman
Bill Maher is a commentator and comedian who hosts the political satire talk show Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Maher stirred controversy on his October 3rd, 2014 broadcast when he claimed that “liberal” ideologies - like freedom of speech,…

Steve Emerson

Oct 13, 2014 Steve Emerson 758
Steve Emerson (Founder) The New York Times Book Review said Emerson’s 1991 book Terrorist was "marred by factual errors...that betray an unfamiliarity with the Middle East and a pervasive anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian bias.” After terrorists bombed…

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