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A Muslim parent's guide to talking…

Muslim children are growing up in a challenging time in America. Our nation is engaged in military conflicts in places with predominantly Muslim populations, and the domestic war on terror is focused disproportionately on Muslim citizens. There is…

Recent anti-Islam incidents in…

Sep 16, 2015 Reports 8238
Ahmed Mohamed, a ninth grader in Irving, Texas, brought a homemade clock to school. While such a productive use of time normally gets a student praised, Ahmed was placed in handcuffs after police were summoned. This is not the first incident where…

Toxic Hate: American Muslim…

Aug 06, 2015 Reports 11800
After Daesh (ISIS) murdered two Americans in late August 2014, Americans of all backgrounds, Muslims included, responded with rejection and revulsion. Despite abundant evidence that Daesh was also slaughtering Muslims, the vast majoirty of whom…

Americans for Peace and Tolerance

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While purporting dedication to “promoting peaceful coexistence in an ethnically diverse America by educating the American public about the need for a moderate political leadership that supports tolerance and core American values in communities…

F.M. Kirby Foundation

Jul 01, 2015 F.M. Kirby Foundation 12173
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The F.M. Kirby Foundation was established in 1931 by one of the founders of the F.W. Woolworth Company. The foundation has made routine payments to an inner core Islamophobic organization. Grants tend to be awarded based on an already established…

Randolph Foundation

Jun 24, 2015 Randolph Foundation 12110
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The New York-based Randolph Foundation was originally a trust of the Smith Richardson Foundation but became its own distinct entity around 1993. The foundation has granted money to a number of organizations in the inner core of the U.S. Islamophobia…

Allegheny Foundation

Jun 24, 2015 Allegheny Foundation 12201
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The Allegheny Foundation is one of a group of grantors known collectively as the Scaife Foundations. Another foundation in the group, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, has also offered significant financial support to groups dedicated to fostering…

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